QRDex solves important challenges faced by individuals and businesses. Continuing to hand out traditional business cards doesn't serve businesses or individuals as well as the latest technology - digital business cards.
  • Individuals need a way to keep track of the information provided by vendors with whom they have connected.
  • With 88% of traditional business cards being thrown away with the first 7 days, business owners need a way to keep their brand, product, or service at the fingertips of their customers and potential new customers.
QRDex is completely free to everyone - to claim your free account:
  • Copy this Invite Code: 0962660244 to paste into the form. You should then see "Invited by John Hunnicutt".
  • When ready, click the image below to sign up for your free account, provide the required information and paste the invite code in the appropriate place.
  • After completing the form, click the "create an account" button.
Note: No credit card information is required. Free QRDex