The BUSINESTA system is a unique way to share business information.

The digital-era team develops innovative capacitive business cards

With us, you can quickly get your own business card. Your card, which never wears out or runs out of copies, is in your pocket. With your intuitive interface, updating your business card is simple.

Convert your phone into a lead generation machine.

With a business card, you can express yourself in ways you never have before and show off your talent by uploading rich information like pictures, videos, and unique links. You can affix a paper or PDF file as well.

Simple QR Code sharing and receipt of Smart Visiting Card

Utilize our share feature to spread the word about your brand among your contacts and clients, and take the quickest path possible to your customers' mobile devices.

The Advantages of Online Digital Visiting Cards

The BUSINESTA platform welcomes you to create the best digital business cards that are both efficient and cost-effective. Consider the impact that smart digital business cards can have on your company.


Inspire your Customers digitally.

Meeting the demands of the digital age

It takes just two minutes to create a beautiful, professional business card online. e Card is always available, never runs out, and is always in your pocket. You won't have to reprint business cards because your e Card may be simply changed using our intuitive dashboard.

One business cards, countless opportunities

A business card can let you express yourself in new ways. By contributing rich information, such as pictures, videos, and personalized links, you can highlight your work.

Best-ever mobility

Your customers can be reached more quickly through their mobile devices. By sharing your eCard with your clients and friends, you may use our share options to make your brand more well-known.

Share your card with anyone else.

Use a QR code, email, a link, or other simple methods to distribute your digital business card to anyone. You can obtain QR codes and print them on various materials, including billboards, bulletins, and fliers.

Business cards using contactless technology

Businesta optimal contactless experience lets you quickly overcome any new sanitary friction, and its viral characteristics help you expand your network of business contacts. A virtual business card can be sent or received without making physical touch. Create as many different business cards as you'd like, each with a different set of information. Create business cards for your colleagues, clients, and customers, as well as for your friends

The best strategy for engaging your clients

Share e-Card

Nowadays, you can send digital visiting cards to your customers on any digital platform without saving their contact information

Call on Click

Your clients can now reach you simply by tapping on the call icon

WhatsApp on Click

Without keeping your phone number, your clients can WhatsApp you

Navigate on Click

People can discover your place by just clicking the map button

Social Media Links

You may improve your social media traffic by just pressing the Social icon.

Click to eMail

Your Customer will send you an email on just one click

Card Analytics

With click and view data at your fingertips, you may get a better understanding of your visitors.

Save Contact

By just scanning the QR code, people can save your contact.

Customized Forms

We can make the necessary forms in your format and reach your customers

Customized Design

We can make your business card according to your needs

Photo Gallery

Share all your Services or Product Images

e Store

Sell your products to customers directly.

Establish Credibility for Your Business Card!